Our brands

Our company’s various areas of activity are represented by different brands.


Associated with the health service management, the AdvanceCare brand has always been a business-to-business brand. Its area of activity excludes the selling of insurance, which is the exclusive responsibility of AdvanceCare Clients and Partners.

With a strong presence among Providers and Health-care professionals, the AdvanceCare brand has established close relationships with these targets, in order to deliver health care and information to private individuals and companies. Capitalizing on its reputation achieved in the market, partly due to its strong presence among Health care providers, the AdvanceCare brand is also geared to the end market, from a business-to-consumer point of view, offering solutions that are complementary to and not in competition with health insurance.

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We have a pro-active attitude to dental health, according priority to prevention and early detection of potential problems. For this reason we created the Dentinet brand, a business-to-business brand specializing in the management of a dental health service. We provide a range of dental and oral medicine services at competitive prices, guaranteeing the Insured Persons that use this service/network through their insurance/plan access to leading specialists in Portugal and Spain.

Visit us at  www.dentinet.pt


Based on the principle of “Always by your side for a rapid and efficient process”, the Segue brand aims to establish a relationship of proximity and trust with those who have suffered a loss, with the insurance companies involved and with the health care providers fundamental for recovery. This is a business-to-business brand, associated with the management of personal injury claims from different areas of insurance, including motor vehicle liability, workplace accidents, life and personal accidents.

Visit us at www.segue.com.pt


Because we base our activities on respect for the community, we created the AdvanceCare Solidária brand, a social responsibility project promoted by AdvanceCare. The aim of this project is to provide support for social, environmental or cultural initiatives, the work being carried out by volunteer company employees. The initiatives organized are typically in three different and complementary areas: own projects, projects with Partners and voluntary work.


Because we believe that knowledge can lead to a healthier life, AdvanceCare set up a brand specifically geared to encouraging health literacy in the general community. This strategy is implemented through a publication in printed (available AdvanceCare customer service counters) and web formats. AdvanceCare this aims to be present in person throughout people’s lives, from prevention (giving tips on how we can remain healthy), to treatment (helping us to feel healthy again), and to aftercare (helping us to live better with the illness).

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