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AdvanceCare operates as a health services provider, making its offering available to two types of Institutional Clients: Insurance Companies and Subsystems.

Institutional Clients – Insurance Companies


Founded in 1871, Tranquilidade is one of the largest insurance brands in Portugal, with a strong market presence and a comprehensive range of products for private and corporate customers. Almost 400 points of sale, including its own offices and agencies, and a huge network of intermediaries throughout the country, ensure proximity, professionalism and quality of service.

Tranquilidade was considered the best non-life insurance company (Exame magazine). Adding to this prize are other awards, such as the professional choice award (ConsumerChoice), the excellence brand ( Superbrands) and the award for the insurance company with the best price-quality ratio ( BestBuy Awards).

Tranquilidade, has been an AdvanceCare Client since 1999 and it is commercialised by Seguradoras Unidas S.A. since the beginning of 2017.


“GNB – Companhia de Seguros, S.A. (GNB SEGUROS) began operating in 1996 and its aim is to develop insurance to cover the property risks Grupo Novo Banco customers. Its shareholders are Crédit Agricole/Predica (50%), Novo Banco (25%) and Companhia Seguros Tranquilidade, SA (25%).”

GNB – Companhia de Seguros, S.A. has been an AdvanceCare Client since 1999.

Seguro-Protecao-Credibom dentalcare_frt_GNB   saude_frt_GNB  hna_frt_GNB  BES_HNA_FRT  th_bes_1





“The Generali Group is one of the most important international insurance and finance groups. Assicurazioni Generali S.A. is the Group’s parent company, sector leader in Italy, and was founded in Trieste in 1831.”

Generali Companhia de Seguros, S.A. has been an AdvanceCare Client since 2001.





“The Ageas world was born 190 years and never stopped growing. One day, we thought it was possible to go further and share our vision with more people. We were right.

We have come to Asia and several countries in Europe, with the aim of we connect more lives and take care of any future.

It was also the mission that brought us to Portugal. First, through Medis and Ocidentar, and now with the acquisition of AXA Portugal. Today, we are prepared to continue to grow at your side, protecting your world.

Ageas Insurance. A world to protect yours.”

Ageas Insurance has been an AdvanceCare Client since 2002.




“In 1986 – Foundation of Lusitania, Companhia de Seguros, SA – the first insurance company created since 1947 and the first after the opening of banks and insurance to private initiative, LUSITANIA is a limited liability company with entirely Portuguese capital; its main shareholder is Montepio Geral.”

Lusitania Companhia de Seguros, S.A. has been an AdvanceCare Client since 2002.



“It was on April 2, 1892 that Açoreana Seguros brand was born. The Açoreana insurer started its activities in the heart of the city of Ponta Delgada. More than a century later, the company still bets on the development and reinforcement of partnerships.”

Açoreana Seguros has been a client of AdvanceCare since 2004 and and is marketed by Seguradoras Unidas S.A. since the beginning of 2017.



“MGEN was the first mutual health insurer to be created in France and it manages the social protection of more than 3 million people, from education professionals to athletes, and including researchers and culture professionals. This company was set up in 1946 and in 1948 became one of the largest mutual insurers for the civil service, but it was only from 1967 that it became a defender of social protection.”

MGEN – Mutuelle Générale de L’Education Nationale has been an AdvanceCare Client since 2009.






“Popular Seguros, owned by Eurovida – Companhia de Seguros Life, SA is part of one of the largest and soundest financial groups in the Iberian peninsula, the Banco Popular Group. Popular Seguros was set up in 2006 strengthen the Group’s expansion strategy and to contribute to an effective reduction in daily risks, by providing personal and property protection solutions. The fundamental values of Popular Seguros are clearly present in its relationship with its Customers: innovation, focus on customers and transparency.”

Popular Seguros S.A. has been an AdvanceCare Client since 2011.


popular_plano-de-saúde  Popular_Seguros


shadowClientes groupama

“The Groupama Group is currently one of the largest insurance groups in Europe, with strong growth in France and in the markets of Southern, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. Today, Groupama operates in 14 countries, including its parent company, with a portfolio of more than 16 million customers. In Portugal, the Groupama Group owns two insurance companies – Groupama Seguros de Vida and Groupama Seguros.”

Groupama Seguros S.A. has been an AdvanceCare Client since 2012.




shadowClientes LOGO

“LOGO is the first direct low-cost insurance company and began operating in January 2008, offering non-life services and products exclusively through the internet and telephone. LOGO is commercialised by Seguradoras Unidas, S.A..”

Seguros LOGO has been an AdvanceCare Client since 2012.

To access the network of AdvanceCare Providers through LOGO Saúde insurance, you should bring your identity card/citizen’s card as well as the following virtual card available by mobile phone.



shadowClientes n_seguros

“N Seguros, SA, the direct insurance company of the Montepio Group, operates exclusively by internet and telephone. Set up in February 2008, it offers various vehicle, motorbike and personal injury insurance solutions, and has recently expanded into health insurance.”

N Seguros, S.A. has been an AdvanceCare Client since 2012.



shadowClientes Cardif

“As the world leader in payment protection insurance, it currently offers a wide range of solutions, available through an extended network of partnerships.”

BNP Paribas Cardif has been an AdvanceCare Client since September 2014.



“Real Vida Seguros, S.A. was acquired by Patris investimentos in September 27th, 2013.
The insurer spent at that time to be part of a financial group specialized in the areas of assets management, savings, investments and brokerage, being an independent, solid, professional insurance company who is also dedicated to solutions, product investment, savings, retirement and protection.”

Real vida Seguros, S.A. has been an AdvanceCare Client since May 2015.


imagem-Cartão-Real-Vida-Saúde_advReal-vida  Real-Vida_H



“Eurovida – Companhia de Seguros de Vida, S.A. is part of the Grupo Banco Popular, one of the largest and solidest Iberian Financial Groups.
It stands as a growing company with an enthusiastic and proactive approach, which aims to minimize the impact of risks in the lives of its customers, enabling them to face the future with confidence. For this purpose, it offers a range of competitive solutions which are adjusted to our current lifestyle, in the fields of protection, retirement and capitalization.
Our core values are present in the relationship with our customers, which are: Innovation, Transparency and Customer Focus Solutions.”

Eurovida – Companhia de Seguros de Vida, S.A. has been an AdvanceCare Client since june 2015.






“CCMO Mutuelle is one of many French associated mutual mutuality. French mutuality grouping is made up several hundred Mutual in France.

The mutual movement is protecting 38 million people in France. The primary activity of mutual is dedicated to health insurance and is complemented by the social security, unions of associations, which protect +/- 17,000,000 employees and families. These two institutions have in common the fact that they are no profit institutions.

Its economic importance is such in the French market, representing 80% of institutions controlled by ACPR, in charge of controlling insurance and mutual.

The CCMO, headquartered in Beauvais (north of Paris) exerts a health activity for companies and individuals. In this framework CCMO protects in France, the overseas territories and Portugal close to 200,000 insured.
The CCMO is operating in Portugal since 2004 under the European system of LPS (freedom to provide services). It is controlled in France by ACPR and supervised in Portugal by the ISP.

CCMO Mutuelle, has been an AdvanceCare Client since january 2016.


CCMO_17_01_red  CCMO_FINAL






“In 1929, a group of people motivated by the will to safekeep the future of their families decided to create an organization capable of doing so.

As such, A Previdência Portuguesa, Associação Mutualista, was founded in the city of Coimbra with the goal of mutual aid in the interest of its associates and their families.

With various protocols established with a multitude of other entities offering discounts to its associates, A Previdência Portuguesa is capable of offering alternative solutions which complement the Portuguese public systems of social security and health. Additionally, A Previdência Portuguesa supports a diverse group of social initiatives, namely, a kindergarten with 106 preschool children and the “Casa da Mutualidade – Galeria de Arte e Centro de Mutualismo”, an art gallery that offers a quality cultural service by offering a place for artists to promote and divulge their work.”

Previdência Portuguesa, has been an AdvanceCare Client since may 2016.







The Union of Portuguese Holy Houses of Mercy was created in 1976 to guide, coordinate, energize and represent almost 400 Holy Houses of Mercy, defending their interests and organizing services of common interest. As a social economy entity, it has been guided by its dialogue and has been able to anticipate various social problems, proposing, in this sense, adequate and effective solutions.

With their vast experience and experience in the area of health care, the Holy Houses of Mercy, through its Union, have created a health card that represents another instrument for serving people, which is one of the main brands in the social and solidarity economy sector in general and the Holy Houses of Mercy in particular.

União das Misericórdias Portuguesas has been an AdvanceCare Client since mars 2017.







Established in 1999 in the region off Rhône – Alpes in France, and driven by mutual values,​​ solidarity spirit, freedom and democracy, ADREA Mutuelle developed significantly over the years.

In 2011 ADREA Mutuelle writes a new page in its history with the fusion process of eight mutual in one single entity.

In 2014, a new fusion process ADREA Mutuelle, APREVA Mutuelle and EOVI MCD Mutuelle join forces and create a UMG (Mutualist Union), thus taking an important position in the complementary social protection market, consolidating the ability to co-finance and implement significant investments.

ADREA Mutuelle offers complete and innovative solutions for additional protection needs for individuals, business and independent professionals.

ADREA Mutuelle  has been an AdvanceCare Client since mars 2017.





Institutional Clients – Private subsystems



“CIMPOR – CIMENTOS DE PORTUGAL, E.P. was incorporated in 1976 and became a limited liability company in 1991, as CIMPOR – CIMENTOS DE PORTUGAL, S.A. Its mission is: “To produce, market and develop high-quality building materials respecting principles of sustainability, maximizing/preserving value creation for shareholders.”

Cimpor – Cimentos de Portugal, S.A. has been an AdvanceCare Client since 2007.



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Access card for AdvanceCare Employees.
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Management Partners – Subsystems

AdvanceCare has established partnerships with a number of health subsystems, providing access to some of its services and technology platforms, thus establishing joint management partnerships between entities.



“SAMS began to operate on 1 January 1976, however, the intervention of the bank employees’ union Sindicato dos Bancários Sul e Ilhas in the area of health had already dated back several decades. (…) Its aim is to develop and consolidate its care activities in order to guarantee quality in the increasing needs of its beneficiaries through the provision of health care, maternity support and support for the elderly, as well as in other similar situations of a social nature.”

SAMS – Serviços de Assistência Médico-Social do Sindicato dos Bancários Sul e Ilhas have been AdvanceCare Partners since 2010.

  Sams_site_v2  sams

Institutional Clients – Cross border

Resulting from a partnership with ADVAngola, AdvanceCare expanded its client portfolio with three cross-border Insurance Companies operating in the Angolan health insurance market:




Institutional Clients – Personal injury management

The start of claims management in the area of personal injury marked the company’s entry into new areas of insurance management. Currently, AdvanceCare provides services to the following insurance companies, Institutional Clients of the Segue brand:


Institutional Clients – Support for underwriting and clinical assessment

In turn, as part of its support for underwriting and clinical assessment, AdvanceCare now offers services to insurance companies operating in health and life insurance, namely:

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