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AdvanceCare was created in 1998, in a national context of the implementation of a number of recommendations from the OECD – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development aimed at guaranteeing the coverage, availability and sustainability of access to health care.

It is in this context that AdvanceCare appeared on the market, as the result of the enterprising spirit of a group of Shareholders present in the national and international markets.

The creation of a joint venture between the Portuguese insurance companies Tranquilidade, Victoria, BES Seguros (now GNB Seguros) and two multinational institutions with recognized know-how in the health sector, the reinsurance company Munich Re and UnitedHealthCare, one of the largest health care management companies in the United States, resulted in the implementation and launch of the AdvanceCare – Gestão de Serviços de Saúde S.A. project.

The objective was to implement a specialized health insurance management platform, strongly based on the know-how of its international partners and on their capacity to adapt to the Portuguese market.

Two years after its start-up, AdvanceCare increased its client portfolio, previously comprising its Portuguese shareholders. This was the first step towards growth.

It began to manage health insurance for the insurance company Generali, which was followed by the insurance companies Axa, Lusitania, Açoreana, MGEN, Popular Seguros, Groupama, LOGO, N Seguros and, more recently BNP Paribas Cardif, Real Vida and Eurovida. In 2013, from the partnership with ADVAngola, AdvanceCare expanded its client portfolio with two cross-border insurance companies, Tranquilidade – Corporação Angolana de Seguros, ENSA and, more recently, NOSSA, three insurance companies operating in the Angolan market.

Having consolidated its experience in health insurance management and in order to diversify its business, AdvanceCare began management of private health subsystems. This activity began with CIMPOR in 2007. It was followed by the subsystems SAMS – Sul e Ilhas, as well as PT-ACS and, more recently, the Angolan company, ADVAngola, which entered into joint management partnerships with AdvanceCare.

In 2010, AdvanceCare implemented a new service consisting of the management of personal injury claims. The company began to manage claims from various areas of insurance, including vehicle liability, workplace accidents, life and personal accidents. Through this new field of action, AdvanceCare expanded its client portfolio, starting to manage BES Vida (nowGNB Seguros Vida), Eurovida, Van Ameyde and N Seguros and strengthening its services to the insurance companies Açoreana, BES Seguros (now GNB Seguros), Groupama and Popular.

In 2013, following its business diversification strategy, AdvanceCare invested further in the area of risk assessment in life and health insurance. The aim was to implement a faster and more comprehensive assessment process, increasing insurance companies’ knowledge of their portfolios and, at the same time, accelerating the underwriting process until the effective contract with the potential underwriter. Through this service, AdvanceCare once again expanded its client portfolio, starting to manage the insurance company T-Vida and strengthening its services to the insurance companies Açoreana, BES VIDA (now GNB Seguros Vida), Groupama and Liberty Seguros.

Throughout its history, AdvanceCare has followed a path of growth and stability, marked by an increase in the number of Clients and Partners, an increase in the number of people under its management, a strengthening of its offering, but also by other historical facts.

In 2008, an adjustment was made to the original shareholder structure of AdvanceCare, after which the company was owned by Tranquilidade, UnitedHealthCare International and BES Seguros (now GNB Seguros).

As part of its strategy of differentiation through quality and excellence of service, in 2009 AdvanceCare invested in certification of its processes, to NP EN ISO 9001 quality certification, and to NP ISO 10002 in 2013, making it the first health services management entity to obtain these certifications.

In 2012, following the creation of the personal injury management business area, which led to the creation of the Segue brand, AdvanceCare carried out a detailed analysis of its brand capital. With the launch of this brand, the company now had a family of four brands:

AdvanceCare, Dentinet, Segue, AdvanceCare Solidária and more recently to CARE, a health literacy project launched by the company.

Over these recent years, AdvanceCare has earned a place in the market and is now recognized as a specialist in health insurance management. A position based on proximity, which has always characterized its relationships with Clients and Partners, and on the way it has used experience and know how to add value.

The future will bring consolidation of business in the B2B market, but also increasing specialization and stronger brand positioning in the area of clinical knowledge, providing the community of health-care professionals and all the Portuguese with a vast range of services and clinical content. This step is reflected in this website, which, besides presenting AdvanceCare, seeks to help increase health literacy in all stages of life, more specifically in prevention, in treatment and aftercare of illnesses, for both private individuals and companies.

The growth of AdvanceCare reflects above all the company’s dynamics and innovative spirit.

Always true to the principles of its founders, AdvanceCare has remained committed to serving its stakeholders, ensuring their continued satisfaction.

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