Message from the CEO

Da esquerda para a direita: Paulo Costa, Sérgio Melro, Luís Drummond Borges e Pedro Pereira

Executive Coordination Committee (from left to right): Paulo Costa, Luis Drummond Borges (CEO), Pedro Pereira and Sérgio Melro.


At AdvanceCare there is a deep conviction and recognition that health is a fundamental right of individuals that must be guaranteed without distinction of race, religion, ideology or socio-economic condition. Health is a good, a value of the whole community that goes far beyond each individual. It is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being.

Health, as a collective good, is supported by the National Health Service, a structure through which the Portuguese State guarantees the right to health to all Portuguese citizens. Nevertheless, all operators in the sector must play an active role in the creation and leveraging of the best health conditions for the community and for the individual.

Knowledge and literacy are critical factors of success for each person to take a responsible and informed attitude, in order to adopt appropriate individual and social conduct for a high level of physical, social and mental, personal and collective health.

AdvanceCare will contribute actively to the sharing of health knowledge throughout an individual’s life. We will be present, providing information, from prevention, seeking to keep people healthy, through treatment, contributing to recovery from illness, to aftercare, helping people to live with illness.

The creation and sharing of health knowledge will be aimed at families, companies, the medical community and the insurance sector, with a view to the adoption of conduct to foster the health and well-being of the community.

AdvanceCare will also consolidate its partnership with the insurance sector and private subsystems, in many different aspects associated with the risk of underwriting and management of Insured Persons and Beneficiaries in terms of health, life and accident plans and products.

For this purpose, we have invested in the following installed capacity:

  • An accredited and high-quality medical network, present in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Angola, South Africa and the United States.
  • Best practices in assessment of the health of individuals and clinical expertise for funding treatments in a many different branches of medicine.
  • Actuarial expertise to support the interpretation of cost trends and anticipation of their impacts.
  • Electronic payment mechanisms and connectivity systems with all health players in the different geographic regions, with a capacity to detect fraud and abuse.
  • Continuous improvement of our customer service and management of expenses and authorizations, to meet the expectations of insured persons and beneficiaries.

We will share knowledge with all those involved, families, companies, medical community and insurance sector, and this will be the best way for us to be present in the health sector and close to every person in Portugal, in prevention and illness, helping them to live better.


Luis Drummond Borges – CEO

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