The organic structure of AdvanceCare includes a Clinical Assessment team that has as its main mission the follow-up and management of clinical cases. This team, together with specialty consultants, form AdvanceCare’s Scientific Board, which is responsible for insurance and health plan management, as well as the review of contents provided through our website. The head of this team is the clinical director of AdvanceCare, Dr. Rodrigo Costa e Silva:

Dr. Rodrigo Costa e Silva

Dr. Rodrigo Costa e Silva

“When I accepted the challenge of becoming Clinical Director at AdvanceCare, I did so with two main goals:

First, to meet the requirements of the Company that, managing Insurance and health plans, needs medical knowledge to efficiently meet its targets.

Second, to engage in this activity always according priority to internal communication with the other areas of the company and external communication with physicians, hospitals, insurance companies and ultimately with the main recipients of all our work – the Insured Person or Customer.

This task is not easy when we remember that sometimes there can be a conflict between the possible interests of the funder and the various Providers.

It is therefore crucial to define guidelines based on correct clinical practice accepted by a majority of the medical and scientific community.

I am assisted by a clinical executive team and consultants of a number of specialties who work every day to resolve cases with different levels of complexity and characteristics. These colleagues who form with me the AdvanceCare Scientific Board are also the mainstays of the clinical and scientific knowledge which are the basis of our Website aimed at the general public and the medical community, in an era in which we are concerned with and want to be a vehicle of health knowledge and literacy.

Finally I would like to emphasize that our actions will always be transparent, with a visible face in decision taking which we intend to be almost always consensual, with due regard to the rules of financing and making best use of communication, so that the final outcome meets interests of all the parties involved.”


We are proud to present our Scientific Board, a multidisciplinary team working in a number of different specialties.

Clinical executive team

Dra. Cristina Gonçalves
General and family medicine
Dr. Luís Palma Féria
General surgery
Dr. Nuno Botelho de Sousa
General and family medicine and Occupational medicine
Dr. Nuno Ribeiro
Dra. Patricia Rodrigues
Dr. Paulo Simões
General surgery
Dr. Rodrigo Costa e Silva
General surgery
Dr. Saldanha Ribeiro
General and family medicine
Dra. Susana Simões


As noted above, the Scientific Board also comprises a number of specialty consultants, who provide knowledge in areas considered fundamental for the analysis of clinical cases and for the other activities of AdvanceCare.

Speciality consultants

Dr. Alberto Mello e Silva
Internal medicine/Cardiology
Dra. Ana Plácido
Medical oncology
Dr. António Lopes Ferreira
Dr. Gonçalo Neto de Almeida
Dr. João Lacerda
Prof. João Nuno Maia Silva
Dr. Jorge Lima
Prof. José Cortez e Almeida
Clinical Pathology
Dr. José Luís Barreto
Dr. José Saraiva
ENT (Ears Nose and Throat)
Dr. Júlio Matias
Plastic surgery
Dr. Paolo Casella
Pediatric surgery
Dra. Sílvia Todo-Bom



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