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We want to be closer to you and for this reason we offer a specific menu to present our activities. We invite you to get to know us because we believe that knowledge generates proximity.





AdvanceCare Solidária – Giro 2014
For the fifth year running, AdvanceCare took part in GIRO – GRACE, the largest corporate volunteering initiative in the country.






AdvanceCare information desks
AdvanceCare has invested in the opening another information desk. Its presence at Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa signals growth in the AdvanceCare proximity strategy.






6th AdvanceCare Clients and Partners event
On 10 May 2014, AdvanceCare organized another Clients and Partners event.






Corporate social responsibility 2014
Last January, we issued another challenge to AdvanceCare employees. The challenge was to choose the institutions to support over the course of 2014.





AdvanceCare Solidária – ACREDITAR December 2013
AdvanceCare Solidária promoted a campaign to collect donated goods for ACREDITAR. Find out more about this initiative.




cara oficial (pequeno)


Official face of AdvanceCare
Discover another AdvanceCare initiative with its employees.





AdvanceCare Solidária – Food Bank November 2013
AdvanceCare supported the Banco Alimentar contra a Fome – Food Bank initiative and over the 30 November/01 December weekend, it took part in the collection of food.





AdvanceCare Solidária – Giro October 2013
AdvanceCare participated in two more corporate social responsibility initiatives. Find out more about these initiatives.




gestor externo(pequeno)


What it is an external manager?
Discover what the work of an AdvanceCare external manager consists of.




ADV 15anos (pequena)


15th anniversary of AdvanceCare
On 06 July 2013, on a hot summer afternoon, AdvanceCare celebrated its 15th anniversary!




Workshop clínico (pequeno)


Clinical Workshop 2013
AdvanceCare once again promoted debate on clinical and procedural issues with the aim of consolidating practices and generating knowledge, from a perspective of continual improvement of the service provided.




Evento Clientes e parceiros 2013 (pequeno)


Clients and Partners Event 2013
Once again, AdvanceCare organized an event dedicated to its Clients and Partners. Find out more about this initiative.





Red nose campaign
AdvanceCare Solidária joined Operação Nariz Vermelho and organized a collection of funds for this private charity.




cuf infante (pequeno)


New AdvanceCare information desk
The New AdvanceCare information desk has opened! After the experiment at Hospital da Luz, now it’s the turn of Hospital CUF Infante Santo.




farmácia bem estar (pequeno)


Pharmacies now available in the well-being network
AdvanceCare offers you a network of pharmacies in the well-being network.




Carenews logo (pequeno)


We have launched CareNews!
CareNews is a magazine aimed exclusively at AdvanceCare Clients and Partners.





AdvanceCare Solidária – Giro October 2012
Adapted Orienteering at Parque da Bela Vista, with CERCI Lisboa users.




workshop clinico I


AdvanceCare 2012 Clinical Workshop
On 30 June 2012, at Hotel da Lapa in Lisbon, AdvanceCare brought together its Clinical Assessment team, specialty consultants and clinical directors of Insurance Companies and Subsystems for a debate on clinical and procedural topics, from a perspective of continual improvement of the service provided to Insured Persons and Beneficiaries.




Estudo Portfolio I


Health Portfolio Study 2012
The 2012 AdvanceCare Health Portfolio study was presented in the auditorium of the Champalimaud Foundation on 04 June 2012.





Clients and Partners Event 2012
The 2012 Clients and Partners Event was held on 26 May 2012,. Find out more details about this initiative.





AdvanceCare Solutions Workshop
The AdvanceCare solutions workshop was held on 15 March 2012, at SANA Lisboa Hotel.





AdvanceCare Solidária – GIRO 2011
Once again, AdvanceCare supported a GRACE initiative, on 21 October, with the participation of 13 volunteers in GIRO 2011.





AdvanceCare Solidária – Grandparents’ Day
To celebrate Grandparents’ Day, on 26 July 2011, AdvanceCare Solidária organized a solidarity initiative at the Associação Comunitária de Reformados, Pensionistas e Idosos in Sacavém.





AdvanceCare Solidária – Giro December 2010
Under the AdvanceCare Corporate Social Responsibility program, we formalized our partnership with Associação Quinta Essência.





AdvanceCare Solidária – Giro August 2010
Find out about AdvanceCare’s contribution to the restoration of the Musgueira Social Center.





Quality Certification
At the start of 2009, AdvanceCare became the first health services management entity to certify all its processes to ISO 9001:2000. In November 2009, AdvanceCare was granted new certification to ISO 9001:2008.





Wellness (1)


Organization of the Well-Being Network
Various selected and accredited customer service counters provide access to complementary medicine, to services in the areas of physical and psychological well-being, genetics and maternity, among others. Find out about the AdvanceCare well-being network.





Annual Report 2008
The annual report highlights key facts in the management of the portfolio of Clients and Partners.






AdvanceCare expands its presence in the Iberian market
A new alternative and approach in access for Insured Persons/Beneficiaries to a medical network in Spain.





Out-of-Pocket Managed Care
A new product based on reimbursement, but with access to prices agreed with the approved medical network.

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