AdvanceCare is committed to continuous investment in health literacy. We therefore offer a publication specifically aimed at disseminating health information.
“to CARE” is the name of the publication … Because we want to take care of you.
Published half-yearly, in spring/summer and autumn/winter, this magazine benefits from scientific validation of its contents. From 2014, with a new image and lighter design, this magazine has been designed for practical, easy and intuitive reading. We would like to invite you to get to know our new image in the 2014 spring/summer issue.

Click here to download [only PT] the 2014 spring/summer issue of “to CARE”.


Guide to preventive medicine

to CARE has now been joined by an annual guide to preventive medicine that aims to provide useful information on screening, immunizations, current topics, and other matters of interest. Because health involves prevention, we aim to invest in your health on a continuous basis. Content carefully combined with high-quality graphics, in a practical, easy-to-read and intuitive format.

Click here to download [only PT] the 2014 edition of the guide to preventive medicine.


List of publications

View a list of all past publications [only PT]:

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