Principles of complaints handling

  • Competent, transparent and equitable handling of all complaints, guaranteeing treatment that respects the rights of those making complaints and complies with the law, by teams with adequate training and experience.
  • Fast and efficient handling, guaranteeing the rapid and correct provision of information to the complainant, from receipt of the complaint to its resolution, achieved through clear definition of responsibilities and constant monitoring of our processes.
  • Reasoned decisions that are easy to interpret in their wording/communication.
  • Impartial and unbiased management preventing potential conflicts of interest, guaranteeing through careful and responsible management that there are no processes associated with managers who are directly or indirectly related or have any interest, at a professional or family level.
  • Confidentiality of personal details and of all the documents associated with the complaint, guaranteed by strict compliance with legal regulations applicable and with internal safety regulations of a technical and organizational nature.
  • Continual improvement guaranteed by established processes for identification of causes and origins, in order to correct and anticipate situations that require correction or alterations aimed at increasing efficiency and service quality, in order to strengthen relationships with our clients.
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