Human resources policy

The human resources policy is guided by the vision, mission and values of AdvanceCare, which focuses on People, who are an integral part of this company’s success and development.

We value a balance between professional life and personal life and respect for the individual, as basic principles of our management.

The company culture of AdvanceCare is a reflection of these principles, as well as of the values of the founders and of the management team that consequently extend to us all. Best practices and good examples are what forge and maintain an organization’s identity.

This way, our human resources policy is based on three cornerstones:

  • To manage performance stimulating professional and personal growth.
  • To develop skills in line with the company strategy.
  • To promote effective communication, instilling a spirit of cooperation and common purpose.

The competitiveness of the market and dynamics of our sector impel us towards a constant search for increasingly efficient and differentiating practices. For this reason we believe that the alignment of strategic objectives with the human resources policy and the investment in People and in their potential for development contribute a better and more capable AdvanceCare.


Luis Drummond Borges – CEO

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